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My Videos

My videos

You can view my classical guitar videos here on this page, or on YouTube. I'll be adding new videos weekly. So—keep checking back!

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If you click on the name of the composition right above each video, you'll be taken straight to that composition's own page, where you can preview the sheet music and read my thought on that particular piece, and download the PDF sheet music, if you wish!

Far Distant


Dog Days

Puppy Days

Windblown Leaves

Tree Swing

Sea of Light

Sunny Side Up!

First Flakes Falling

Travelling Still

The Nervous Nightwatchman

Desert Night Drive

New Blue


This Christmas

All Lost...

A Pretty Good Morning in The Highlands

Wind in The Woods

The Boy From Minas Gerais 1944

Chase Music

Desert Dry Dunes

Desert Snow

Nicky and Nellie Went Waltzing

Paper Plane