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But does it sound right?

I'll have to write this up properly sometime, but it's sunday night. I'll just say that starting to make videos has driven home some facts that have, until now, remained in the background in my thoughts.

One is how difficult it can be to record classical guitar at home and get an acceptable sound. Another is the realization that sound really is paramount in a video like this.

Few of us have good sounding halls in our homes, I suppose. And guitar is an instrument that absolutely would need one: I guess that's why many people who post their videos on YouTube use some sort of artificial reverb in them. The dry, unaltered sound just does not sound right.

That being said, I think that my room must be more troublesome than most, due to its low ceiling. It causes all sorts of reflections that color the sound in unwanted ways. The result tends to be a sharp, naily sound, just the kind that I hate! I've had to resort to some pretty unusual ways to control room influence. Using a figure-of-8 ribbon microphone is a part of it. It's a work in progress, but I think I'm getting there, eventually. I hope so!

I've heard it said that in a film, the soundtrack is at least a half of the experience. A film is only as good as its soundtrack. In a guitar video like mine, the sound is probably 90% of the whole! Even if I get the visuals right, it doesn't matter much, if the sound isn't great. Guitar must sound beautiful, rich, smooth, singing - otherwise I just can't take it! And although I think that I can get that sound playing live, but it sure is difficult to capture, at least in a living room!

Tomorrow, I'll post a new video. I think that it sounds better than the earlier ones, but we'll see what you readers say!

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