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Lost Nereus

The recent news about the deep-sea submersible Nereus being lost in the depths of the Pacific Ocean has captured my imagination. So much so that I'm now writing a composition tentatively named 'Lost Nereus'.

Nereus was an unmanned vehicle. Had it been manned, I probably wouldn't be composing this music; the human tragedy would be too real to allow such treatment. I still remember seeing 'Titanic' back in the 90's and wondering how could they make a movie about such a disaster, turn it into entertainment. But an unmanned submersible is another matter; no deaths, but still a loss in the unimaginable depths, in an unknown, hostile, wonderful environment.

'Lost Nereus' is still in the beginning stages of being born, but it seems to be developing into an interesting one. There's again use of lydian dominant scale and chords in parallel movement. There's something of the sound and feeling in Sea of Light in it, but darker and stranger this time.

I haven't been writing a lot in the past months, so it's interesting to me that way also. I wonder how it will turn out!

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