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Wind in The Woods

Difficulty level: Very advanced | Four pages

The sound of tremolo* on the classical guitar is a thing of beauty and magic, something that stands on its own among all instrumental sounds. One need only hear Tárrega's Recuerdos de la Alhambra, or Una Limosnita por el Amor de Dios by Barrios, to immediately understand what I mean.

Wind in The Woods is my attempt at a tremolo composition, utilising that magical sound. Aside from personal reasons, I wrote it because in my opinion there never can be too many—or even enough—pieces of this kind.

I've rated Wind in The Woods 'very advanced': the reason for that is the tremolo technique. That's the only difficult part of this piece, really, but it is a big one: learning this technique can take a while. It's very important not to go too quickly when you start practising, and equally important to avoid tension building up in your arm and hand as you play. Go easy, don't force it, and it'll come to you!

*Tremolo (in classical guitar music) means a playing technique: melody notes are plucked in rapid succession, so that the result is (almost) a continuous sound.

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Wind in The Woods