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Nicky and Nellie Went Waltzing

Difficulty level: Intermediate | Three pages

Nicky and Nellie Went Waltzing is an old-timey waltz. I took the opportunity to make a video to fit the mood of the composition. I think it came out pretty well! Here it is:

By listening to this dance, I'm in a distant memory full of sweetness and melancholy.
It's beautiful
thank you

Laurent Cinus about Nicky and Nellie Went Waltzing

When you play Nicky and Nelly, try to keep the feeling of waltzing to the music all the time: not just straight 1-2-3, 1-2-3 time, but one-two-three, one-two-three - the stress is on the second beat, and the third beat is slightly late. To get a better idea, you can search YouTube for Waltzes. Any kind of waltz will do, be it Viennese 19th century or rustic country! And if you have personal experience of dancing the waltz, that's great!

Musically, this composition is quite simple. Apart from the rhythm, the important thing is to play the main part and the other section circling around the A-major chord in different styles. You might want to do as I did in the video, and play the main part boldly and brightly and the other part more quietly and with a softer sound. That will lend your performance some variety and it will create a sense of a story being told. In fact, I may someday tell you the story of Nicky and Nellie!

A preview the first page of the composition. Click to view larger!Nicky and Nellie went waltzing preview