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Desert Snow

Difficulty level: Intermediate | Two pages

The name of this composition, Desert Snow, evokes a mental image or feeling in the listener or player immediately. Here's also Google image search for "desert snow" for inspiration. The music reflects the ethereal mood of the name, but, as always, I'm trying to keep the rhythm going.

Desert Snow is a part of the very popular Desert Suite (the other parts are Desert Dry Dunes and Desert Night Drive).

Don't be alarmed by the slightly unusual 3+3+2 and 3+2+3 time signatures! It's just the common 4/4 time, but for this composition, this is the more accurate time signature. This composition is in a rhythmic mode that's usually called tresillo; often composers just use 4/4 time for it out of habit (I'm looking at you, Leo Brouwer!)

I'm convinced that writing the rhythm correctly as 3+3+2 shows much more intuitively where the musical stresses (or beats) are. Take a look at the first bars in the preview below—don't you agree?

One of the most wonderful things in playing guitar is guitar's special ability to separate the melody from the accompaniment using dynamics and tone color. In Desert Snow, you have a perfect opportunity to practice and enjoy that unique advantage of being a guitar player!

A preview the first page of the composition. Click to view larger!

Desert Snow preview