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Paper Plane

Difficulty level: Easy | One page

Paper Plane is one of those easy and natural ones that just seem to flow out of your fingertips when you compose it, almost like pure improvisation. I always treasure that experience, but more importantly, I feel that a composition that has had such a happy birth is an especially succesful one to players as well. After all, there is a special flow and naturalness to both the musical content and technical execution of such a composition.

Making paper planes is of course something that almost every child loves. I know that our daughter does! That is in fact what inspired me to write this piece, seeing her excitement and joy  making up  designs of her own - they were quite unorthodox, let me tell you, but really surprisingly good at flying!

The melody of Paper Plane takes off quickly, then descends in slow circles, at times lifted up by updrafts, much like a paper plane might do. Feel feel to use a lot of rubato, rhythmic freedom! Stay for a while on some surprising sharps or flats and suspended notes, then catch on to the pulse. Have fun flying!

A preview the first page of the composition. Click to view larger!

Paper Plane preview