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Nessun dorma (G. Puccini)

Difficulty level: Advanced | Two pages

Nessun dorma by the great opera composer (the greatest, in my mind!) Giacomo Puccini is perhaps the most famous opera aria of all time. In fact it must be one of the most recognizable melodies in classical music. This here is my arrangement for guitar.

What, for guitar? Am I serious? I don't know, but I think that the result is a captivating, different sound to the old familiar tune, and it certainly is a blast to play! Really, a lot of fun, not least because my arrangement is a lot easier to play than many of the arrangements out there and on YouTube. By the way , although I'm playing an 8-string guitar in the video, the arrangement is for the normal six-string instrument.

I've classified this one as advanced, as opposed to of intermediate difficulty to play. It could be both: it's not that difficult in fact, but it can be a challenge to get it to sound the way you want to. After all, in our ears and memory are all the great tenors singing it, and a guitar is a far cry from Pavarotti! After you get used to it, it probably starts to sound more and more natural on the guitar.

It's just great music!

A preview the first page of the arrangement. Click to view larger!Puccini - Nessun Dorma (Turandot) preview