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Desert Dry Dunes

Difficulty level: Advanced | Four pages

Desert Dry Dunes - can you feel the hot sand, the dry wind, the scorching sun? Desert Dry Dunes is a companion piece to Desert Snow. It's the other side of the coin: where Desert Snow is calm and ethereal, Desert Dry Dunes is parched and severe. But there's life in this desert, too! This composition is a day in the desert, from dawn till dusk. It begins and ends in brooding calmness, but the middle section is a dance, almost frantic in character.

Desert Dry Dunes is a part of the very popular Desert Suite The other parts are Desert Snow and Desert Night Drive.

"Dazed restlessness
Gathering consoling threat

The shadow
Of a DNA strand
Of a silenced rasgueado

- Petri Sainio (about Desert Dry Dunes)

Desert Dry Dunes is not in any major or minor, but in Phrygian dominant mode. I'm pretty sure that you're already familiar with this mode, because it's used quite often in film music to evoke an exotic, middle-eastern sound. Guitarists are also well acquainted with the Phrygian aspect of this mode, because it's resembles the Phrygian mode, common in spanish music. It's not exactly the same, though! They resemble each other, because they both have their roots in the middle east.

When you play Desert Dry Dunes, try to make the middle section stand out from the beginning and closing. In might be a good idea to play the middle more forcefully, and maybe with a different sound as well. I like to play the middle part clearly and brightly and the rest of the composition with a darker sound, but I suggest you try different approaches to find one that suits you best!

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Desert Dry Dunes preview