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I'm in a creative mood!

In addition to the new compositions that I already wrote a little bit about, I also updated the website logo on the front page and my About Me page. I decided to include a bit more about my musical past  - things that might seem a bit baffling to most readers.

I really did play the bass drum in a marching band! It was an experience, I can tell you. In Finland, we have conscription, a mandatory military service, during which I served in a Finnish Navy band. There were - maybe surprisingly - quite a few gigs there for a guitarist, but sometimes I had to join the full band, and the guitar doesn't really fit in marching band music - so I had to grab a bass drum instead 🙂

I'm back from my summer holiday and I see that its high time I started blogging again! I'll begin with a short story.

Last year, I thought about ways to improve my pedagogical composition skills. Those thoughts led to many good things (like my master's degree!) but I also decided to take some composition  lessons, seeking to improve my skills in musical composition, specifically educational composition.

I prepared for the composition lessons by selecting what I thought were the best of all my compositions. I had perhaps gotten too used to the positive response that I've had from my students, but when I showed the pieces to my teacher, his response was baffling to me, at first. The pieces he liked best were the ones that had met with least success with my pupils, and the ones that all the pupils always liked to play were - according to my teacher - if not altogether lackluster, then at least in need of some serious reworking.

Needless to say, I went home in a thoughtful mood.

I had already realized earlier that it would be a special challenge to find a teacher who could see and understand the needs and tastes of the people I'm, writing for: young guitar players. I'm not sure that such a composition teacher exists, but in any case I had failed to find one. On the other hand, I feel that I have a pretty good grasp of what kind of music most guitarists like to play.

This experience taught me something that I already knew, but needed reminding of. I have to trust that I know what I'm doing!

How about you -  have you had experiences like this, with teachers or elsewhere?

Well, that was quick, if I do say so myself!

Like I wrote in the last post, I hoped to get my music online before the summer. As it turns out, it's already done! Thanks for that go to modern tools available to webmasters, like WordPress and Easy Digital Downloads plugin. With tools like these it's incredibly easy to put up a website like this!

I added this site to Google - now I'll have to start promoting myself. That's not very easy for me usually, but I guess I'll have to try, otherwise will remain an isolated, lonely island in the web... So, watch out, I'll be promoting like mad from now on 🙂

At last I'm getting my music online!

This is the first posting on my new blog on my brand new website, Hopefully many more posts will follow!

This website is about my pedagogic compositions for guitar. I've been writing music for a few years, and now, finally, I'm putting them out there, getting them published. I've already uploadedMe my compositions on this server and put up this small website that the pieces can be purchased from. I've also begun to make recordings and upload them to SoundCloud. Before summer is here I hope to have all of my compositions accessible to people.

That's me, by the way, with my custom 8-stringer that I built in 2008. Probably a topic for some future blog post 🙂