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I've renewed this site, and revamped a lot of the content. But what's more, I've been writing new compositions this fall!

This time, they have been mostly of the "Easy" category, suitable for beginners. That kind of pieces are what's needed most, I think. Now I'll just need to finish them and make videos - which is always the hardest part. I've been thinking about doing the videos in an easier, low-key way, maybe just me playing at my desk.

I've no idea if that kind of videos would be good or not. Maybe we'll see!

Everything on this website,, is now free! Every composition, every arrangement, all the downloadable guitar sheet music.

Previously only my opera arrangements were free, while I charged a nominal sum for my original guitar compositions. Little by little I came to realize that the system wasn't really fair: for some people, the cost was very small, but for others, it was too much. Now that it's all free to download, I think the system is as fair as can be!

I've decided to work on donation basis from now on. There's no obligation to pay anything, but if you like my work, you can donate a small sum of your choice via PayPal.

You can find a lot of free sheet music online, legally or otherwise, but what sets apart is that all content is original. The arrangements are written by me, and they seem to be popular; at least people have been downloading them steadily for years. Also all my own compositions for guitar that you can find here are specifically written for my  students and this website: you can't find them anywhere else. I try to keep the quality as high as I can - if you have any ideas on how I could improve, please let me know!

I'm updating my site. Until now, the opera arrangements have been free downloads and my own compositions have had a small charge attached. From now on, I've decided to give everything away free! It will happen as soon as I can get it done, but I hope it won't take no more than a few days. See you then! 🙂

Adventures in Microphone Land, Part II

This article continues the story of my pursuit of the best possible sound that can be achieved in recording classical guitar at home. Like the last time, I've also made a comparison video.

Quick recap: In the first part of the story, Microphones for Guitar (link), I compared different types of microphones ranging from several condenser mics to an active ribbon microphone. I arrived at the conclusion that a ribbon mic was clearly the best for my purposes, and very probably worth looking into, if you're recording your classical guitar at home. You should check that first article out, if you haven't already—at least see the videos!

But there were some questions left over for this second part:

  • As good as my sE Electronics VR2 Voodoo ribbon microphone is, maybe there is something better for me out there?
  • Is quality dependent on price in ribbon microphones? Can a relatively cheap ribbon mic be any good?
  • How could I gain the ability to record in stereo—I was not ready to pay the new asking price for another sE VR2 (900€) just to be able to record in stereo.

Maybe I could get another, cheaper ribbon microphone to complement the one I already had?

...continue reading "Cheap vs. Expensive: Two Ribbon Mics for Classical Guitar"

Reading James Herriot's wonderful stories about his life as a vet, I came across an interesting phrase, hybrid vigor. In short, hybrid vigor means "the improved...quality in a hybrid offspring (Wikipedia)". For example, a mixed breed dog is usually healthier than purebred dogs. But how does all this relate to music?

...continue reading "Hybrid Vigor – In Music?"

Tune in

Let's face it: guitarists often play out of tune. There are many reasons for this, from forgetful or uninformed players to bad strings and, unfortunately, faulty guitars. I've learned about these things the hard way; I've been uninformed myself, I've had plenty of  bad strings and also a bad guitar or two!

In this article, I'll first tell you about my views on how to tune a guitar, and later we'll see how you can easily test your strings and your guitar for intonation (accuracy of pitch) and what you can do if something's not right. ...continue reading "Does your guitar play in tune?"


Microphones for guitarists

In this article, I compare several typical examples of the kind of microphones that guitarists use to record classical or acoustic guitars:

  • sE Electronics VR2 Voodoo, an active ribbon microphone
  • Beyerdynamic MC930, a high quality small diaphragm condenser microphone
  • AKG C1000s, a popular, affordable small diaphragm condenser microphone
  • Olympus LS-11, a handheld stereo PCM recorder
  • And, just for comparison, the built-in microphone in my Nikon D800 camera

...continue reading "Microphones for guitar – video & review"


I'm not sure if anyone's noticed, but I keep fiddling with every aspect of to make this site better.

Most of the work is behind the scenes, but this morning, I rewrote the page About me and music. I realized that I had failed to include  some key bits of info, like my guitar teachers. I had in fact left the names out on purpose, mistaking the usual mention of past teachers is resumes as bragging, when in fact it is a form of thanking your teachers for their contribution to your growth.

I also included a bit about my parents. I cannot adequately thank them, of course, not anymore; but a mention of them is very necessary, to me especially.

It's fiendishly difficult to engage website visitors in a conversation, as I've found out, or to get any kind of direct feedback. It would be extremely helpful, indeed essential, for the betterment of newcenturyguitar. So, if you read this, please, comment or send a message:

how could I improve for you?

I'll have to write this up properly sometime, but it's sunday night. I'll just say that starting to make videos has driven home some facts that have, until now, remained in the background in my thoughts.

One is how difficult it can be to record classical guitar at home and get an acceptable sound. Another is the realization that sound really is paramount in a video like this.

Few of us have good sounding halls in our homes, I suppose. And guitar is an instrument that absolutely would need one: I guess that's why many people who post their videos on YouTube use some sort of artificial reverb in them. The dry, unaltered sound just does not sound right. ...continue reading "But does it sound right?"

König & Meyer KM19740 KM19024 front small
König & Meyer KM19740 KM19024 tablet holders

Tablet holders - why?

Recently, I've been transitioning from paper to electronic sheet music.

The compositions on this site are obviously electronic PDFs, and I of course use them when I shoot videos for YouTube, but that's not all. It's also very handy to have all my teaching material available to me all the time on my tablet, wherever I am. For example, when a guitar student forgets to bring his or her sheet music to a lesson (not an uncommon occurrence), that doesn't cause a problem. The lesson can go on normally, because I've got the necessary sheet music with me.

The most natural way to read PDF sheet music is a tablet computer, and so I need to have a device to hold my tablet. Fortunately, many others have adapted to this new technology before me, and there are many kinds of tablet holders available for me to choose from. ...continue reading "Review: K&M Tablet holders"