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This is The Adjustment Bureau

I'm not sure if anyone's noticed, but I keep fiddling with every aspect of to make this site better.

Most of the work is behind the scenes, but this morning, I rewrote the page About me and music. I realized that I had failed to include  some key bits of info, like my guitar teachers. I had in fact left the names out on purpose, mistaking the usual mention of past teachers is resumes as bragging, when in fact it is a form of thanking your teachers for their contribution to your growth.

I also included a bit about my parents. I cannot adequately thank them, of course, not anymore; but a mention of them is very necessary, to me especially.

It's fiendishly difficult to engage website visitors in a conversation, as I've found out, or to get any kind of direct feedback. It would be extremely helpful, indeed essential, for the betterment of newcenturyguitar. So, if you read this, please, comment or send a message:

how could I improve for you?

2 thoughts on “This is The Adjustment Bureau

  1. Lagartija

    I really liked your compositions, Tuomas! I came here by way of Delcamp. The only thing I would suggest with regard to the site is that you put the "share" buttons across the top. Right now, on an iPad, they paste themselves over 1/6 of the screen and make reading the text on the page difficult. They did not move out of the way when I played the video, so you were partially covered by the buttons.

    1. Tuomas Kourula

      Thank you for your feedback! Very helpful! I've now moved the buttons to the right and made them smaller. Hopefully they now work better. I'll have another look tomorrow, maybe they can be better still.


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