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New Century Guitar – free music for classical guitar

Hello, guitar players!

It often feels like there just isn't enough interesting and vibrant music for classical guitar. Especially if you're a beginner or an intermediate player, it can be hard to find music that sounds current. And everybody knows that you should have fun when you're learning, and enjoy the music you're playing!

I made this website to try to help you with those problems.

I've created for classical guitar students and teachers. It's a collection of my original compositions for classical guitar. You can download everything here for free!

You can also find here a few of my classical guitar arrangements of the most beautiful opera arias.

I'm a classical guitar teacher at Turku Conservatory of music in Finland. My own guitar students have enjoyed playing my compositions - I hope you do too.

If  you're a fellow teacher, I'm sure you can find useful things here for your own students. Drop me a line, I'd like to hear from you!