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This is The Adjustment Bureau

I’m not sure if anyone’s noticed, but I keep fiddling with every aspect of to make this site better.

Most of the work is behind the scenes, but this morning, I rewrote the page About me and music. I realized that I had failed to include  some key bits of info, like my guitar teachers. I had in fact left the names out on purpose, mistaking the usual mention of past teachers is resumes as bragging, when in fact it is a form of thanking your teachers for their contribution to your growth.

I also included a bit about my parents. I cannot adequately thank them, of course, not anymore; but a mention of them is very necessary, to me especially.

It’s fiendishly difficult to engage website visitors in a conversation, as I’ve found out, or to get any kind of direct feedback. It would be extremely helpful, indeed essential, for the betterment of newcenturyguitar. So, if you read this, please, comment or send a message:

how could I improve for you?

How do you feel about TABs?

Many classical guitar players shun TABs – except when it comes to lute music. On the other hand, many guitarists find it much easier to read TAB than normal notation.

I guess I’m in the former camp, because I started with notation in the beginning and also because I teach classical guitar. That’s probably why all the compositions on are currently only available in normal notation, not TAB.

I’m a bit ambivalent on TABs, to be honest. If it makes it easier for someone to get into playing guitar, I’m all for it, how could I not be? I know that it can be difficult enough as it is to learn a complex new skill, without any further complication caused by the necessity of learning to read a cryptic code such as musical notation. Continue reading How do you feel about TABs?

New stuff on the way!

The last few days have been surprisingly good for composing. I’ve got three new compositions under development; one almost finished, one halfway there, one just an idea.

I have long periods when I feel that I’ve had my last idea, there will be no more. Then, out of the blue, comes something new. It takes a while to work out those ideas, but it’s fascinating, hugely rewarding work.